The confidentiality that binds us to our customers


An ethical principle

Confidentiality is as much an ethical principle as a legal obligation. The importance given to confidentiality is directly related to the predominant role of the salesman who must establish a climate of trust with his client. 

Our clients entrust us with a lot of information with economic and strategic value that makes up the intangible capital of their company. In a globalized competitive environment, with often difficult commercial relationships, this intangible capital allows our clients to stand out from the competition and adapt to the evolving needs of the market.

The risks of disclosure or unauthorized use of this capital from within and outside the company are important.

Confidentiality, keystone of our marketing system

At Cardineau, we understand these issues and ensure that the information provided by our clients remains confidential.

We protect and keep strictly confidential information relating to the manufacture and assembly of their products and treat them with the necessary degree of precaution and protection having regard to their nature.

That's why you will not find on our website all of our projects.The multi-ply wood has the capacity to create, in the finest species, totally unrealizable forms of raw wood, which makes it an exceptional material. The possibilities of creation of this material is only limited by your imagination.

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