Made to measure


Our focus is on designing unique moulds, shells, curves and seats to enhance your professional spaces: Architects / Designers / Interior designers / Restaurateurs / Hoteliers / Municipalities Companies (workplace environment management, purchasing, general services)

Concerning our areas of expertise :

Technical studies: Thanks to our cutting-edge technology and production capacity, we can adapt to a variety of activity sectors.

Not only the seating market, but also interior design, furniture, sailing, medicine, musical instruments, POSD and much more!

Our plywood expertise is connected to our ability to adapt to a range of projects. We work on the basis of specifications, plans or models provided by our customers, putting all of our technical resources to work for them: designs, creation of moulds and tools, numerical control programming...

Our main goal is to meet specific requirements and produce made-to-measure products.

SEATS:bases, armrests, backrests

SEATING:all specialized seating (opera, sailing, shows) meeting standards

CHAIRS: all chairs and stools / kids / sunbathing

LIGHT FIXTURES: wall and ceiling fixtures

PARTITIONS: screens, boxes

FIXTURES: front of bins, printer casings, speakers

FACING: kitchen, bathroom

FURNITURE: headboards, night tables

For each project, we offer a wide range of materials - sliced or peeled veneer, laminate and medium-density fibreboard - in order to expand your options. Our role is to guide you, keeping your desires and constraints in mind.



A French manufacturer of moulded plywood and laminated wood pieces since 1949, Cardineau develops its expertise with the help of the latest technology: numerical control machines, computer aided design (CAD).

A 100% French manufacturer based in Bouille, Vendée (85), our resolutely responsible approach is focussed on the design and beauty of wood.

High Standards, Ethics, Aesthetics and Engagement are the constant values that guide our teams as they strive to meet your needs in France and abroad.

Our mission is to blend craftsmanship and industry by developing made-to-measure products, from design to manufacture, and by harnessing our high level of quality and service, which is a direct result of our teams' involvement and extensive experience.



Initiated in 1999 by European wood industry companies, in collaboration with manufacturers, PEFC certification applies to all wood processing stages to promote and ensure that products are sourced from forests meeting economic, ecological, social and ethical standards.

PEFC certification promotes sustainable forest management, and thereby benefits:

  • the environment: protection of forests (biodiversity reserves, CO2 sinks and climate regulators);
  • citizens: protection of those who live and work in forests, public reception;
  • the economy: rational, economically beneficial forest exploitation.

The PEFC label, when affixed to a wooden or wood-based product, guarantees consumers that the products they are purchasing come from responsible sources, and that their purchases contribute to sustainable forest management.

Each year, a follow-up audit ensures that the factory still meets the certification criteria, such as respect for forest flora and fauna, the prohibition of GMOs, the working conditions of forestry workers and the conservation of dead wood to promote biodiversity.

Cardineau has been PEFC certified since 2007. 



An expectation of work well done, high quality seating, with original, well-executed curves.

Ethics, professionalism, elegance and performance in our business dealings.

Aesthetics in the development of our products.

A responsible, company-wide engagement to protecting the environment. We work today for the generations of the future, in our production methods and recycling R&D.

A responsible approach


The majority of our veneers and plywoods are sourced from France, primarily from the regions of Burgundy, Franche Comté and Grand Est, and more specifically from the Brugère company.

The quality

We conduct an ISO 9001 compliant process in terms of documentation and production monitoring.

Fire classification

In fire safety, "reaction to fire" and "resistance to fire" are two different concepts. They are codified at the French and European levels in a highly regulated fashion. Reaction to fire describes the material's behaviour as fuel for fire (combustibility, flammability), defined by the M classification.

In France, there is a classification system (NF P. 92.507 standard), composed of 5 categories, which defines materials' reaction to fire: the categories range from M0 to M4, with M4 being the most flammable and M0 the least flammable.

All pieces supplied by our company can be of class M3 or M4, depending on the thickness. If necessary, we can apply a class M1 coating (flame retardant glue and/or varnish).

Cardineau Factory


Our factory is composed of a machine park that is unique in France.
  • 14 presses combining 2 technologies (High Frequency and Electrical) enable us to meet all pressing needs up to 3.20m x 1.20m.
  • Over 400 moulds in stock.
  • 2 5-axis numerical controls, with which we can precisely manufacture highly complex parts
  • 1 3-axis numerical controls
Finishing carried out by machines our by our teams

Cardineau's experience enables it to offer products of proven quality.

Its raw material storage capacity (between 100 and 200m3) ensures an optimal level of responsiveness.