BACCI, cutting edge machines at Cardineau


BACCI, a reference in the wood sector

Founded in 1918, Paolino Bacci is a woodworking machine manufacturer with a solid reputation in Italy and throughout the world.

Originally a manufacturer of traditional woodworking machinery, in the 1950s the company began to specialize in manufacturing machines for the solid wood industry, and more specifically chair manufacturing machines. At the same time, in Italy, the chair manufacturing sector began to develop and attract international attention.

Since then, thanks to constant contact with the leading manufacturers in the sector, who are eager to anticipate technical innovations, Paolino Bacci has continued to put different types of machines on the market, each of which is characterized by innovative technologies and exceptional performance and reliability.

The large number of international patents held by the company, as well as the wide and constantly evolving range of machinery manufactured, attest to the society's talent for innovation. Furthermore, the machines' high standards of reliability are easily proven by the large number of Bacci machines that are still in use without any issues after many years of service, which have retained their high value, even on the second-hand market.

The company recently developed a complete line of 5-axis and multi-axis CNC machining centres, all equipped with the latest technology and operating software. This new line of machinery covers a wide range of application, from the manufacture of chairs to tables, doors, windows and general furniture components, as well as the manufacture of pieces made from plastic, aluminium or composite materials.

Our BACCI machines

Cardineau possesses two Bacci numerically-controlled 5-axis machining centres for 3D machining.

We chose this brand for its ability to carry out complex machining tasks, as well as for its reliability and durability.

Our first Bacci, which is now 15 years old, can still carry out the desired machining tasks with precision and flawless reproducibility.

In 2017, we bought a second one, which is equipped with an operating program and cutting edge technologies that enable us to manufacture even more complex products with the same high level of quality.

The Bacci machining centres, in combination with our team's attentiveness and design skills, enable us to meet all of our customers' needs.

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