Unique expertise for complex machining


Complex machining of moulded wood

For over 50 years, we have produced pieces out of moulded plywood and laminated wood: moulded wood, curved wood, multi-ply, plywood, moulded plywood, curved plywood and shaped wood.

Our advanced technology enables us to create shapes up to 3.2 m in size thanks to highly complex moulded wood machining services.

We have 2 high-quality numerically controlled, 8-axis machining centres with no equivalent on the market, which offer a wide range of applications: the manufacture of seats and furniture parts, doors and windows for interior design, sailing, medical, musical instruments...

Advanced technology and an innovative spirit

These 2 numerically controlled 8-axis machines for solid wood are patented and carry out all of the actions of traditional wood-working machines in a single location (drilling, milling, profiling, etc.). They carry out outstanding precision work using extremely powerful, innovative technological and operating software, for exceptional reliability.

In combination with the company's skills and expertise, our machining centres carry out specialized, customized project studies to meet the needs of our customers in all business sectors.

Our high technical standards, combined with 50 years of experience in moulded wood machining, guarantee the exceptional nature of our expertise and the impeccable quality of our products.