Design of large bent pieces


Plywood a material with infinite possibilities

Plywood is exceptionally strong and holds up incredibly well over time. In its natural form, it allows for the cost-effective use of the most luxurious woods, such as beech, okoume, poplar or oak.
Brugère, our veneer supplier, enables to keep a constant inventory of high-quality products.

Multi-ply wood makes it possible to use the finest woods to create shapes that would be impossible with solid wood, making plywood an exceptional material.

The wooden sheets are carefully selected, then the veneer is glued together and hot moulded into various shapes.

Finished products, such as plywood seats, backrests or pieces of furniture, showcase their qualities in a wide range of interior products, such as furniture for restaurants, hotels, schools, stadiums and auditoriums.

Plywood is an intriguing material. Its stability greatly facilitates the creation of certain kinds of products, particularly in comparison with solid wood. In addition, of all of the types of panels to choose from, plywood has a certain aesthetic value.

That is why Cardineau has been a member of the Alista Ouest network, which brings together companies specializing in woodworking, for the last 15 years. 


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