Our indoor and outdoor furniture expertise


Our expertise in curved plywood furniture

Despite the variety of areas in which our clients operate, they have one thing in common: they trust us to create bent pieces.

8 tailored project

1) Aubrilam (Manufacturer of lampposts and outdoor furniture)

Aubrilam opted for bent plywood because, in addition to curved shapes, this material makes it possible to create relatively thin pieces for a more fluid design than solid wood.

2) Decotec (Manufacturer of bathroom furniture)

Decotec worked with us on the Epure project (bent drawer faces). Our challenge during this project was to combine curves and precision machining.
The precision of our numerical control system offers Decotec ease of assembly.
HDF (high-density) multi-ply was a natural choice to guarantee a high-quality, high-gloss finish.

3) Master Industrie
(Manufacturer of grandstands for concert halls and stadiums).

Our main challenge with Master Industrie is to manufacture hundreds or thousands of seat shells in just a few weeks, with all of the uncertainties that come with a construction or renovation project.
A few examples of completed projects: Arena Montpellier, Vendespace, Palais des sports d’Aix, Brest arena, Froding arena Karlstad.

4) ABC Agencement
(Designer of retail outlets, hotels and restaurants, municipalities).

Production of 180 boxes for SFR.
Difficulties: the exterior wall had to be fairly stiff and give an impression of thickness, while still being light enough to be easily moved.
Our solution: a PU foam core with a plywood frame so the partitions could be attached together.

5) Cuisine Morel
(Manufacturer of luxury kitchens). To move away from traditional straight-lined kitchen design, Cuisine Morel wished to introduce curves. The sequencing of curves with different radii required extremely precise shaping to prevent "breakage" and ensure linear flow. Our collaboration led to the creation of the Alicante line.

6) Collinet
(Manufacture of seating and furniture for hospitality and dining establishments).

Known for its high-end French manufacturing with artisanal craftsmanship and renowned or ancestral manufacturers (EPV).
Cardineau's most important contribution was its responsiveness in tackling time-sensitive projects and its ability to adapt to a very precise set of specifications.
For a highly varied line of products in the seating and upholstered armchair market.

7) Soca
  (Manufacturer of seating and furniture for hospitality and dining establishments)

Specializing in designer furniture and architecture for municipalities and hospitality and dining establishments.

Careful attention to projects ranging from custom prototypes to very large series of seat shells, luggage racks, benches, poufs...
We apply our expertise to productive, dynamic production for various projects.
A few examples of completed projects: Chairs and armchairs for fast-food restaurants and hotel establishments in the Accor group.

8) Tabisso
(Seats manufacturer) operates in the workspace and hospitality markets, assisting its customers in creating custom-made Made in France furniture and installations.

We adapt to their needs by manufacturing small series of custom products.
Working from an especially precise set of specifications enables us to meet the challenges of even the most exacting projects.