Flexibility and customisation: Cardineau brand


For more than 50 years, Cardineau has been manufacturing moulded plywood and transforming wood with high added value.

400 moulds for complex wood veneer

Moulded wood is a material used in layout and furnishings.

We have the ability to mould parts of different sizes into chairs, armrests, industrial tools, scooters, skateboards… anything made by wood, which requires a shape, an angle, a curvature. We work with all kinds of wood from PEFC-labelled forests. Instead of pressing flat, pressing is done on one of our 400 moulds to give a shape to the veneer.

Listening to our customers

We work on different types of press, from a very precise specification, plan or part, model provided by our customers from all types of markets: school, communities, airports, hotel and restaurant, performing arts.

We think with our client about a solution to an industrial problem. We are often a manufacturer of components that will be part of a more important part: for example, we create the armrest in moulded plywood that will be used in the railway and fit into the finished product: the seat.

Unique know-how Made in France

Our advanced technology allows us to produce curves up to 3.20m developed with very complex machining services.Our 14 presses combine 2 high-frequency and electric technologies that allow us to meet all pressing needs.

Our finishing workshop is dedicated to delivering sanded and deburred parts ready for lacquer or lacquer.

We don’t sell standard products, but we do sell unique technology and know-how, which makes us market-recognized.